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Red Clover Extract

  • CAS NO: 574-12-9
  • Grade: Food&Pharma Grade
  • Purity: 2.5-60%
  • Specs: 100% Natural
  • Packaging: 25kg/drum
  • Certifications : ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, GMP
  • Min Order: 10kg
  • Price: Inquiry

Total lsoflavones
Green brown or black brown fine powder

The main ingredients in Red clover extractare isoflavones like BiochaninA Formononetin, Daidzein, Genistein, Sission, Ononin, Daidzin, Genisteinetc. All these ingredients are very helpful to preventthe cancers like mammary cancer, prostatic cancer, colorectal cancer etc. Severalsystemic reviews and meta-analyses concluded that red clover extract reducesthe frequency of menopause hot flashes. Red clover extract has beenapplied to clinical practice more and more widely and also considered as a verypromising natural health care products.


Red Extract Improve health, anti-spasm, known for healing properties;

Red Clover Extract Treatment of skin diseases (such as eczema, burns, ulcers, psoriasis);

Red Clover ExtractTreatment of respiratory discomfort (such as asthma, bronchitis, intermittent cough);

Red Clover Extract Anti-cancer activity and prevention of prostate disease;

Red Clover Extract  Red Clover Extract Most valuable of its estrogen-like effect and alleviate breast pain suffering.

Red clover isoflavones play in a weak estrogen, estrogen reduces the number and thus alleviate the suffering;

Red Clover Extract Maintain bone mineral density in postmenopausal women;

Red Clover Extract  Raise high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Red Clover Extract;


1. Red clover extract is applied in food fields, it is widely used as functional food additive

2. It is applied in health product field, it can be used as raw material in health food, the purpose is to enhance immunity and resist melancholy;

3.Applied in cosmetics fields, it is widely used to delay aging and compact skin;

4.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely used to treat cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

3-Phenylchromen-4-one; 3-Phenyl-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one
Formula weight
Structural formula
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