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  • CAS NO: 123-94-4
  • Purity: 99.0% Min
  • Packaging: 50g,100g, 25kg
  • Price: Inquiry

Mono-and diglycerides is a kind of widely used grease chemical products, It is the most widely used and biggest dosage emulsifier in food and daily chemical industry.White waxy flake or solid, insoluble in water, mixed with hot water by the strong oscillation can be dispersed in the water, is water-in-oil type emulsifier.

Shelf life:24 Month

Packing:20kgx1/Bag or Carton

Storage condition:Store in a cool,dry place

Margarine for spreading
Maintains fine and stable water-oil dispersion. Improves stability and plasticity.
0.35-1% of oils and fats
Margarine/shortening for cake
Improves stability. Shortens whipping time. Enlarges cake size and keeps homogeneous texture. Prolongs shelf life.
0.35-1% of oils and fats
Adjusts oil crystal. Improves stability and whipping strength.
Whipping Cream
Shortens whipping time. Improves foam volume and structure. Creates nice and stiff foams.
0.4-0.8%, Usually with DMG and Span60
Protein beverage
Prevents delamination and sedimentation. Provides smooth mouth feel.
Gives a more uniform fat globule size distribution resulting in improved whitening effect and dissloves in water well.
0.5-1% of oil and fats
Cake emulsifier
Enlarges cake volume. Improves cake texture and paste stability. Prolongs shelf life.
0.5-1.5%, Usually with DMG, Span60 and PGMS
Enlarges cake volume. Improves cake texture. Prolongs shelf life.
0.3-0.5% of flour
Bread and pastry
Improves texture and prolongs shelf life.
0.5-1% of flour
Confections and chocolate
Improves oils and fat dispersion. Decreases syrup viscosity and adjust crystalization of
Ice cream
Promotes emulsifying of dairy fat. Prevents thick ice crystal. Improves mouth feels and shape retention. Increase bulging rate.
Promotes dispersing of fats and prevent delamination.

alpha-Monostearin; Glycerol 1-monostearate; Octadecanoic acid 2,3-dihydroxypropyl ester; Glycerin 1-monostearate
Formula weight
Structural formula
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