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Konjac Gum(Konjac Glucomannan)

  • CAS NO: 37220-17-0
  • Grade: Food&Medicina
  • Purity: 60%-99%
  • Specs: 80 mesh
  • Certifications : ISO,KOSHER,HALAL
  • Price: Inquiry

Konjac Gum is a kind of pure natural hydrocolloids, it is refined Konjac Gum powder processed by alcohol precipitation. 

White in appearance without smell. Konjac Gum has high viscosity and transparency, and can be quickly dissolved. 

The processing procedure: Konjac Fine Powder with alcohol, to get rid of impurities like Starch, ashy substances, cellulose, pigment and alkaloid, thus to get rid of impurity konjac gum. Glucomannan dry base contents accout for 60%-99%in the products. Konjac gum is mainly used in producing high-end food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products and cosmetics, such as jelly, jam, jelly drops, dairy products and medicine capsules, etc.


Odorless, white or light yellow fine powder
Particle Size
100% pass 80 mesh
Viscosity (1%, 25℃, mPa.s)
As per need (25000~ 36000)
pH (1%)
5.0- 7.0
Moisture (%)
=< 10
SO2 (g/kg)
=< 0.2
Ash (%)
=< 3.0
Protein (%, Kjeldahl method)
=< 3
Starch (%)
=< 3
Lead (Pb)
=< 2 mg/kg
Arsenic (As)
=< 3 mg/kg
Ether-soluble material (%)
=< 0.1
Yeast & Mould (cfu/ g)
=< 50
Total Plate Count (cuf/ g)
=< 1000
Salmonella spp./ 10g
E.Coli/ 5g

Konjac is widely used as a food and food additive:

(1) as a thickener and stabilizer can be added to jelly, jam, juice, vegetable juice, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks, solid beverages, seasoning powder and soup powder;

(2) as a binder can be added to noodles, rice noodles, reapers, meatballs, ham, bread and pastries to enhance the gluten and keep fresh;

(3). It can be added to various soft candy, cowhide sugar and crystal sugar as a gelling agent, and can also be used to make bionic food;

Konjac glucomannan
Konjac powder; Konjac flour
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