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Bobo Mall

BoboChem uses self-management system to be sure of maximum quality is guaranteed.

Factories cooperated with Bobo Mall are all highly recognized and are notable suppliers. Besides, we take our time to check our suppliers ranging from factory size, quality control, technical strength, business reputation, production capacity and other necessary areas.
Check out some advantages of choosing BoboMall
Reliable quality;
Competitive price;
The inventory is stable;
Checking of the goods before shipment;
If the quality doesn’t meet up with the required standard, it can be recalled free of charge.
All products sold in BoboMall bears the iconic crown logo .

Gold Shop

High-quality supplier after an on-site inspection

Like the Bobo Mall, Gold Shop is a Shop run by our examined supplier in BoboChem. We are responsible for the quality of Gold Shop's products, which are sure to guarantee regarding quality. Unlike Bobo Mall, we do not participate in the operation of Gold Shop. Choosing Gold Shop is to cooperate with the factory directly. And some Gold Shop is also the supplier of Bobo Mall.
The expected advantage when choosing Gold Shop products:
Reliable quality;
Cooperate directly with the factory
Check the goods before shipment;
If the quality is not welcoming, it can be recalled free of charge.

Gold Shop suppliers and their products bear an iconic diamond logo .

Factory Link

Real chemical plants

1. The plants included in BoboChem are linked directly to the company's website.
2. We can only confirm that it is a real factory and cannot be responsible for the quality of its products and services.
3. Before cooperation, we suggest you entrust us to inspect the factory and goods.