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Gluten Price trend
Grade : Food Grade
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Packaging : 25kg/bag
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Gluten(CAS NO. 8002-80-0)

Prolamins in the endosperm of SEEDS from the Triticeae tribe which includes species of WHEAT; BARLEY; and RYE.


1. The production of bread. Add 1-3% (depending on the steel ratio of flour) of wheat gluten can enhance the dough thews, improve the viscoelastic property of dough, extensibility and stability, and can save the fumes, wake up hair, and be able to control inflation, the bread volume. Conformal sex good, improve the bread quality, prolong the aging time, can also add nutrients. Different from chemical strong gluten agent added

2. The instant noodles, longevity noodles, noodles. Add 1-2% of the wheat gluten can increase the toughness of the noodles, not easy to break when processing, resistance to boiling soak and chewiness have bite.

(3), sandwich, lunch meat, sausages and other meat products. Wheat gluten is the best binder in meat products and filler. Especially add in fish, sausage and canned meat sausage instead of lean lean, partly to increase the elasticity and density, reduce animal fats and cholesterol levels, improve the production rate and prolong the shelf life.

4. Can be used as various olio, three fresh baked, and thing, thing im legs of the raw material, not only can change the structure of food and flavor, but also can improve the nutrition of food. As a kind of low fat, no alcohol products, it has become the world speak highly of nutritious food directly into household consumption.

5. Prawns, five, seven stars eels, crabs and precious fish such as high-grade concentrate the basis of raw material. Take advantage of its many kinds of amino acid composition of protein, to increase the nutritional value of feed, for its viscoelastic to raise the utilization rate of feed in the water, and to reduce water pollution