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Food Additives

The articles here have information about the technology, products, market trends, China's exhibitions and so on related to food additives.

It also includes matters needing attention in purchasing food additives, how to identify high-quality food additives suppliers, and how to ensure product quality.

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Which are the common functional sweeteners?

December 08, 2018

Functional sweeteners refer to food sweeteners with special physiological functions or special purposes, which  include two meanings: 1. Having no adverse effects on health and solving the problem that eating much sucrose is harmful to health; 2. Having a beneficial regulating or promoting effect on human health.Functional sweeteners are divided into …
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The Effect Of Food Additives

September 13, 2018

Food additives play a crucial role in food production. It is necessary for us to learn about several kinds of food additives we often encounter in our daily life.Acid regulator: Sour and Sweet is what I amFood flavoring agents are essential to get good taste and color. An acid regulator is a kind of seasoning agent, also called sour taste agent. Adding acid …
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Sucralose Market Status And Trend In 2018

September 01, 2018

What is SucraloseSucralose is a new kind of sweetener. Its appearance is white and its state is crystalline powder. Its sweetness is about 600 times that of sucrose.It is the only sweetener with sucrose as raw material, with pure taste, no calories and no participation in human metabolism. It can be used for diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular an…
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Sucralose Has Been Approved To Use In These 120 Countries

August 31, 2018

Sucralose has been approved for use over 120 countries and has been consumed by millions of people worldwide . North America: Canada United States of America Latin America: Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela Caribbean: Bahamas B…
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