Ways to do factory inspection for checking products before shipment

If you have the experience of purchasing products from China, you may love and hate the world-famous Chinese products. Its wide range of products and low prices has brought enormous benefits to your business. However, not so perfect quality and large and small problems will bring you more or less loss. 

Factory inspection before shipment can significantly reduce the occurrence of quality problems, thus improving your income.

The matters needing attention during the inspection will vary according to the cooperation time of the supplier, product type and so on. This article discusses in detail the problems of inspection and how to achieve the most satisfactory results with the lowest cost. Our views and methods are especially suitable for the procurement of chemical products.

What aspects of product quality should you focus?

As a chemical product,   you will first need to confirm whether the technical specifications meet your requirements. Usually, this is confirmed by the relevant parameter metrics in the COA or Specification file.

Secondly, confirm if the product conforms to ISO and other standards. If its food or medicine, there will be KOSHER, HALAL, BRC, HACCP, GMP and other standards.

Again, pay attention to the packaging. Please keep in mind that in China, product packaging quality is a very important part of product quality, especially for small packages. Later in the article, I'll tell you why.

New cooperative suppliers

If the supplier you choose has not cooperated with you before, you can't be too careful. I suggest you read the article "How to confirm whether a Chinese supplier is reliable?” By following the approach described in this article, you can verify that your supplier is reliable. 

If you have confirmed that the supplier is reliable, you can then place an order with him to ensure the quality of the goods received. The products can be inspected by themselves or by a third party company before delivery in accordance with the following procedures.

1. Before placing the order, ask the supplier whether the goods can be inspected before delivery. After confirming that there is no problem, place the order with your supplier.

2. After placing the order, confirm the inspection time with the supplier. It is best to provide your supplier with a list of items you want to check, such as parameters, product packaging, labels, etc. Note: the inspection date must be the same as the packing date so that the inspected goods can be loaded into the container.

3. The person who helps you to inspect the goods will arrive at the factory according to the agreed time. The goods have been prepared in the warehouse and are waiting to be inspected. With the help of the factory, he will check the products according to your requirements and take photos.

4. If there is any problem with the appearance of the product, you will get reported to, and after which you will confirm whether the supplier needs to rectify it.

5. If there is no problem with the appearance of the product, your partner will take samples for you.

6. Your partner has been monitoring them loading the goods into the container and taking photos.

7. The samples were sent to a third party testing agency for testing.

8. If the test result fails to meet your requirements, you should consult with the supplier to solve the problem.

9. If the test is qualified, notify the supplier to deliver the goods and enter the shipping and receiving process.

This process is very strict and ensures that you receive satisfactory goods, but also consumes a lot of energy and money. Only when you choose a new supplier and don't know him well that you can follow such an inspection method.

If your supplier has been working with you for some time, you can use a relatively simple way to inspect the goods.

Does the supplier that often cooperates still need to check goods?

If the products you purchase are all large packages, such as IBC barrels, 200kg barrels or tons of bags, etc., such products that are purchased from familiar suppliers generally need not be inspected.

As long as the supplier is not a fraud, the quality of his products will be relatively stable, and he will test in his laboratory and issue COA documents before sending it out from the factory, and by this, there will be few cases on product quality.

If there is still some doubt, it is ok to ask your supplier to send a sample of the same batch to a third party laboratory for testing before shipment, and the supplier will basically follow your requirements.

If your product needs to be packaged in small packages, such as 1kg, 0.5kg barrels or boxes, with beautiful labels on them, then such products need to be inspected at the factory almost every time. Even in factories, workers have to be supervised. At this point, product packaging is now part of the quality of the product, which is the weakness of most factories in China. If you can understand which workers are loading your products separately, you will have a clear understanding of this phenomenon.

Many factory owners, with local social resources, can hire good technicians, but don't care much about product details. Also, for product packaging, many factories have not realized automation, and only make use of manual packaging, manual labeling. Most of the workers were local villagers, and although they were kind, concerning details, their requirements are deficient. If they were supervised, the work would be done well. The quality of their work is often difficult to satisfy without supervision. This is found to be true when factory orders are large, and their workload is heavy.

Who should be asked to go to the factory to help check the goods?

If you are working with a trading company, you can directly ask your supplier to do the work on your behalf.

If you cooperate with the factory, you can entrust a third party company such as SGS to do the work for you. Large companies, such as SGS, are rigorous but expensive. Regarding inspection, their completion is no different from that of ordinary inspection companies. It is ok for you to choose some less famous companies.

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