Under what circumstances do you need a trading company to help you purchase?

Basically, as means of obtaining information seems to be more convenient and fast, and transportation more convenient, several people choose to abandon their local suppliers and thereby import directly their needed materials from China, which has proven be a development that has been trending for a long time.

The suppliers of China's direct export commodities include manufacturers and trading companies. By this, when should one choose a trading company to cooperate with? This article broadly analyzes this topic in detail.

Since your purchase volume is not large, there is no doubt you will not get enough attention from the manufacturer.

Factories typically have hundreds to thousands of workers to keep them running. For these workers to stay employed and not run out of work, sustained regular shipments are needed. 

If factory shipments are unstable, when they are low, many unemployed workers will leave the company. When it comes to mass production, there won't be enough workers in a short time. Therefore, the factory will give priority to big orders and big customers, most especially, large factories with good quality and large scale. Many of these factories do not take small orders.

If your purchase volume is small and you cannot get enough attention from the factory, the trading company will be a good choice for you. Trading companies don't usually care about order size. They try to meet the needs of every customer. 

Some trading companies even rent warehouses overseas to meet customers' demand for small orders. They have significant advantages in price and timeliness.

It is difficult to find all the manufacturers of a wide variety of products.

If you need to purchase a wide range of products, it is not easy to find all the suppliers of these products, and it is even more challenging to find all the manufacturers. Even if you can find it all, there is no guarantee that all suppliers will be reliable. It is possible to verify that a supplier is reliable, but it's a big project to make sure that ten or dozens of suppliers are reliable.

At this time, looking for a reputable professional trading company is a good choice. How to find reliable suppliers, please read the article "How to confirm whether a Chinese supplier is reliable?".

We need to inspect the goods frequently, but we can't go to China by ourselves.

If your products are special, you need to check them regularly to ensure quality. In this case, it is a good idea to find a trading company to do these things for you. Of course, you can also find a third-party inspection agency to do this. 

However, considering the familiarity with the industry, continuous supply capacity and professional degree, trading companies tend to have more advantages.

High-quality requirements for product details

If you have a high demand for details such as the packaging of the products, then find a trading company to help you. Few factories can meet your requirements.

Higher service quality is required.

If you want excellent service, find a professional and reliable trading company.