How safe is it to travel to China?

A friend who once traveled to China claim that China is one of the safest countries among all other countries in the universe he has ever visited. He often prevail that few weeks after being in China; his lesson was that there is only kindness and security.

Take Shenzhen as an example; there is a European tourist in Shenzhen. When he traveled to Shenzhen, there were two very large parks, Shenzhen central park and Lotus park, near where he resides temporarily at night. He often passed there at 2a.m or later.

Once its 4a.m, he was always seen scared in the park. Then, he says he usually hear a strange noise behind the tree! While around the corner, he saw an old couple practicing Tai Ji, this gave him confidence and since then he wasn't afraid anymore, and became brave!

Foreigners, whether in prosperous Shanghai or Chongqing with a strong Chinese flavor or in Shenzhen, especially some female tourists, have never been ridiculed or maliciously stared on the street, let alone touched!

Foreign tourists go out for a late night snack, but they never feel afraid. Because there are so many cameras on the street, people who want to do something terrible are noted as being crazy! Chinese girls can go out at night and wear whatever they want. People on the street don't seem to pay attention to them! But regarding security, China is the safest country in the world!

It's very peaceful in China, the police seldom come near you, and they don't have guns! When you travel to China, you will often see Chinese people having a barbecue on the street and partying with friends.

Many foreigners who have traveled to China admire and see the economic and societal value of being in the country. China is safe and fun to live in. I highly recommend that you travel or live in China. 

There are many factors in China's security, such as cameras everywhere. I urge you to feel it yourself!