Besides Visiting Factories, There are Other Places Worth Visiting In China


"I love Chengdu!”. Walking down the streets of Chengdu, you will find more and more people who can speak English.

There are many foreigners on Chunxi road. It is not unusual for foreigners to enjoy tea in Wangjiang park in Chengdu. In a variety of hotpot shops, you can also find foreigners of different skin colors chowing down with sweat on their heads.

Chengdu's hot and spicy food, its residents' natural optimism, kindness to others and its charming shu culture are all its charms.

Zhangjiajie | Hunan

Do you believe 60% of Zhangjiajie's tourists come from Korea? Koreans love Zhangjiajie more than you can imagine!

"Miniature fairyland, enlarged miniascape", the beauty of Zhangjiajie is definitely worth seeing.

Zhangjiajie national forest park is as beautiful as a fairyland. The glass walkway of Tianmen mountain and Guigu valley along the cliff edge are worth walking. The Grand Canyon’s glass bridge is not to be missed!

Phoenix ancient city | Hunan

The ancient phoenix city is located in the southwest mountainous area of the ancient country in the Far East. It is quiet and mysterious, with winding rivers and a long history.

This elegant and graceful small town borders on mountains and rivers. The stone plate inside the town crisscross with eath other, and the Tuojiang river is clean outside the town. The mountain songs answer eath other, and everything is quiet and harmonious.

Here, lying on the soft cane chair, making a cup of tea, just like the Cuicui in “Biancheng”, waiting for a result that may be nothing…

Great Wall | Beijing

It is not only a traditional Chinese thought that "no man is a good man until he arrives at the Great Wall", which also has an impact on foreigners. When many people first learned about China, they listed the Great Wall as their top destination.

Although there are a large number of people every holiday, still cannot stop foreigners from loving the Great Wall! The Mutianyu Great Wall is known as the most beautiful Great Wall and is also a Great Wall that foreigners like to visit.

Huangshan | Anhui

Huangshan has won the hearts of many foreign tourists who seek to return to nature and enjoy rural tourism. The good mountains, good water, good air and pleasant climate of Huangshan not only make us admire them but also make foreigners amazed. They probably found the best combination of "amazing natural scenery and human culture" in Huangshan.

Huangshan is famous for its unique pine, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. Snow in winter, waterfalls in summer, rock carvings on Moya cliffs and paintings of Huangshan.

Sanya | Hainan

Sanya has conquered foreign tourists with its warm climate, beaches with coconut palm, as well as its leisure and convalescent tourism model. The warm sunshine illuminates the face, the soft sand is trampled by the foot, the cool coconut water is held by the hand, cannot help exclaiming: this is life!

Along the boardwalk on the beach are various seafood stalls, barbecue stands and bars. In Sanya, you play because of the environment and love because of the atmosphere.

West lake | Hangzhou

If you ask foreigners why they like Hangzhou, they will tell you that they like Hangzhou's west lake longjing.Like Wushan roast chicken; I like the culture of Hangzhou. Like the beautiful west lake in Hangzhou......Thousands of reasons, only one result: I love Hangzhou.

"Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below", Hangzhou is the embodiment of heaven in people's mind. The west lake is soft like water, and the thousand island lake scenery is beautiful, the Song city permeates a strong ancient Dong dynasty style; the mountain peak of Lingyin temple is extraordinary and beautiful, the shadow of the ancient temple is mysterious

Guilin | Guangxi

Do you remember how the "Guilin blockbuster" was wildly reprinted on social media during the Florence design week in June? Foreigners are so enthusiastic about Guilin's landscape.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, a landscape of ink and water unfolded slowly and floated on the Lijiang River on a bamboo raft; the crystal clear river flows quietly, listening to fishing-return boat’s song, appreciating the sunset, enjoying a leisurely life of returning to oneself.

Shangri-la | Yunnan

In the eyes of many foreigners, Shangri-la is a holy and beautiful place, cannot be desecrated, is a dream place in the heart. Here the sun, the clouds and the lake stay in your heart.

A foreign writer once described it as a place of eternal peace and tranquility in the high mountains of the east. There are Snow Mountains, glaciers, forests, holy lakes. On the plateau, there is full of purity and tranquility.

Shennongjia | Hubei

Hubei Shennongjia is a camp for Bigfoot believers. Over the past 100 years, many people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot in Shennongjia.

In the forest, the woods are easy to get lost, and the valleys are deep. The most primitive scenery is well preserved, and the animal and plant resources are very rich. Shennongding is a veritable "first peak in central China," where fog shrouded the area; the batten wall rock area is frequented by savages……