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About Us

Serving in chemical trade, BoboChem strives to create maximum value for customers with the minimum cost.

With a best familiarity for China market, our team can provide professional services in every link from screening product suppliers, comparing prices, delivering goods, receiving goods and after-sales service.

Choosing us, you will stop worrying about the quality, the price and the risk. Because we can controlled all these for you.

Services For You

Suppliers Searching

To find suppliers in China according to your requirements of products, and conduct field inspection certification.

The market investigation

To investigate the market prices in China for specific products, and make reports.

Factory Inspection

Conduct on-site inspection of the plant according to industry standards or customer requirements.

Goods Inspection

The goods are inspected, photographed, sampled, tested before shipment, and to produce results reports.

Providing the best possible service to our customers without a breaking a sweat

An interpreter

Assisting in arranging trips, booking hotel, pickup, and accompanying visits to factories.

Why Choose Us?

Honest and reliable

The products and suppliers are verified and inspected manually to make sure it is real and effective.

Simple and rest assured

We can successfully complete your work with a best familiarity for the local market.

Service efficient

7 * 24 hours service. We'll be there when you need it.


Each step is done by professionals in the field.

Learn more about Our Team

Product selection

We have screened the popular products of the present market working on various chemical exhibitions, and conducted field visits to suppliers.

Inspect factories and goods

The company with the background of ISO9000 certification and consultation inspects factories and goods according to relevant industry standard.

Freight operation

We are good at dealing with various issues of foreign trade logistics withrich experience in handling dangerous goods.