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What kind of suppliers can you choose in Bobochem?

At Bochochem, we only include real chemical plants in China where you could purchase directly from these factories as well as entrust in our company to purchase through Bobo Mall.

Bobo Mall

BoboChem is a company that adopts self-management mode and we select only standard factories with high-quality for cooperation and as well conduct regular inspection of factories.
Here are some of the advantages of choosing Bobo Mall:
Reliable quality.
The price is competitive.
The inventory is stable.
Check the goods before shipment.
If the quality is unqualified, it can be recalled free of charge.

Gold Shops

1. Only Suppliers that passes our audit are allowed to set up shop in Bobochem. Meanwhile, the Bobo Mall is responsible for the quality of goods being sold in Gold Shop stores.

2. The Gold Shop is run by the factory itself, through which you are equivalent to work directly with the factory.

3. We have made a detailed survey of the factory and its products. We can cooperate with them at ease.

Factory Links

1. The plants included in BoboChem are linked directly to the company's website.

2. We can only confirm that it is a real factory and cannot be responsible for the quality of its products and services.

3. Before cooperation, we suggest you entrust us to inspect the factory and goods.

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